Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plumbing Journeyman Refresher Course

Sign up for your plumbing journeyman refresher course here at Acqua Continuing Education.
Acqua Plumbing is the only plumbing company here in the greater northwest area that has a certified continuing education for plumbing in house.

  Fred Bevilacqua SR was the director of plumbing & pipe fitting  at Seattle/ SOIC ( Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center) then promoted as vocational instructor of 12 skill area vocational programming. Fred was recognized and received awards three times as the schools best. As a manager, Fred was innovative, creative and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of instruction and administration. He displayed a high and quick intelligence and perception and a deep understanding of strategies and philosophy as well as a remarkable grasp of concrete details. He is a man of great integrity, and was greatly and actively concerned with needs and problems of students.
 The vocational training staff regarded him with the highest respect and liking and were loyal to him. He is remembered at Seattle/ SOIC as the finest and most valuable person ever to work at Seattle/SOIC .  JG:ds Curriculum Development Coordinator

Fred Bevilacqua JR : On May 9, 1992 Fred Bevilacqua found an error in the in the 1992 IAMPO Plumbing Code book regarding sizing venting system with a back water valve in the system. The question as considered was : Does the installation of a backwater valve in any part of the drainage system violate the venting requirements of the drainage system?

The 1992 IAPMO Interpretations Committee answered #92-29 as follows: yes, the installation of a backwater valve partially obstructs or diminishes the aggregate cross sectional area of the piping between the sewer and the upper terminal of the vents.
 The sewer venting required by section 504(a) must be achieved through connection to that portion of the drainage system which is independent of the backwater valve protected segment. This same rational applies when venting the sewer through a system which is equipped with a sump pump.
As, this is incorrect , Fred Bevilacqua sent in the drawing for the panel to review on this subject for correction.

On August 25,1992  From IAMPO letter states as follows:
The drawing which you submitted on August 12, 1992 does in fact appear to need some modification. The IAMPO Interpretations Committee is still discussing the drawings that were submitted. They have indicated at this point, when the backwater valve is considered an obstruction to proper venting of the building sewer ( you would have to install a larger drain and vents to provide for proper venting of the building sewer) The Interpretations Committee has proposed we use the ( draft) revised drawings ( Fred Bevilacqua's drawings) #4 which is attached when the next IAMPO Plumbing Code and Mechanical is issued (1995 IAMPO Plumbing Code)
Acqua Continuing Education takes pride in teaching the art of plumbing , and will deliver plumbing excellence in teaching our future plumbers