Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plumbing Journeyman Refresher Course

Sign up for your plumbing journeyman refresher course here at Acqua Continuing Education.
Acqua Plumbing is the only plumbing company here in the greater northwest area that has a certified continuing education for plumbing in house.

  Fred Bevilacqua SR was the director of plumbing & pipe fitting  at Seattle/ SOIC ( Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center) then promoted as vocational instructor of 12 skill area vocational programming. Fred was recognized and received awards three times as the schools best. As a manager, Fred was innovative, creative and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of instruction and administration. He displayed a high and quick intelligence and perception and a deep understanding of strategies and philosophy as well as a remarkable grasp of concrete details. He is a man of great integrity, and was greatly and actively concerned with needs and problems of students.
 The vocational training staff regarded him with the highest respect and liking and were loyal to him. He is remembered at Seattle/ SOIC as the finest and most valuable person ever to work at Seattle/SOIC .  JG:ds Curriculum Development Coordinator

Fred Bevilacqua JR : On May 9, 1992 Fred Bevilacqua found an error in the in the 1992 IAMPO Plumbing Code book regarding sizing venting system with a back water valve in the system. The question as considered was : Does the installation of a backwater valve in any part of the drainage system violate the venting requirements of the drainage system?

The 1992 IAPMO Interpretations Committee answered #92-29 as follows: yes, the installation of a backwater valve partially obstructs or diminishes the aggregate cross sectional area of the piping between the sewer and the upper terminal of the vents.
 The sewer venting required by section 504(a) must be achieved through connection to that portion of the drainage system which is independent of the backwater valve protected segment. This same rational applies when venting the sewer through a system which is equipped with a sump pump.
As, this is incorrect , Fred Bevilacqua sent in the drawing for the panel to review on this subject for correction.

On August 25,1992  From IAMPO letter states as follows:
The drawing which you submitted on August 12, 1992 does in fact appear to need some modification. The IAMPO Interpretations Committee is still discussing the drawings that were submitted. They have indicated at this point, when the backwater valve is considered an obstruction to proper venting of the building sewer ( you would have to install a larger drain and vents to provide for proper venting of the building sewer) The Interpretations Committee has proposed we use the ( draft) revised drawings ( Fred Bevilacqua's drawings) #4 which is attached when the next IAMPO Plumbing Code and Mechanical is issued (1995 IAMPO Plumbing Code)
Acqua Continuing Education takes pride in teaching the art of plumbing , and will deliver plumbing excellence in teaching our future plumbers

Thursday, July 26, 2012

 How to check if you have low water pressure - Acqua Plumbing & Sewer Tacoma -Seattle
Acqua Continuing Education sister company of Acqua Plumbing, LLC
Low water pressure is a relatively common household problem that can have serious ramifications on everyday tasks. Inadequate water pressure can result from a number of potential problems, therefore, fixing the problem first relies on correctly diagnosing the symptom. Definition of inadequate water pressure: where the water pressure in the main or other source of supply will not provide a residual water pressure of not less than 15 lbs per squarer inch ( PSI)

Things to remember of excessive water pressure- Acqua Continuing Education Chapter 3  Water Source of Life sister company of Acqua Plumbing, LLC 
Static water pressure in excess of 80 PSI must be reduced to 80 PSI or less ( static meaning standing water) residual or working ) meaning ( flowing )
Regulators on water services, 3/4", 1" , 1 -1/4 & 1-1/2" provision shall be made to prevent pressure on the building side of the regulator from exceeding main supply pressure  ( meaning use regulators with integral by-pass ) or if the main pressure is to high ( Add A Secondary Relief Line )
If you want more information on this chapter Water Source of Life call Acqua Continuing Education 253-353-4602 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking a look of what's it like working with Acqua Plumbing & Sewer

A Great example of interaction with our customers.

I had a horrible sewage back-up into my home. The walls and carpets wet with a foul order about them. I instantly went online to look for Tacoma's #1 plumbing company. Sure enough Acqua Plumbing was top of the list. I called Fred there owner who actually goes out and works in jobs himself.

 He an Nick came to home and found the my plumbing in my home for my SEWER was actually on a slab exiting my home and over the years it was broken leaking all kinds of yuke!! into my home. Fred being the smart plumber as he is informed me I could call my insurance agent an possible get the carpets, and walls covered, maybe even the plumbing as well!! 

With all this mess and new found information I was on the fast track to having my home in one piece again.  I was able to have Washington Water damage help me with my walls and carpet all covered by my insurance what a breeze that was. My plumbing was more an issue, and my insurance was not able to cover all the cost. Fred and Acqua Plumbing being the great people they are offered me payment and financing options, who new. My sewer problem was no more with the new SDR 35 sewer pipe Acqua Plumbing Installed and with my own Certificate of a Lifetime warranty Acqua Plumbing gave me. I will most certainly use Acqua Plumbing for ll my plumbing needs.

Ashlei J. of Tacoma

To shed more light on this matter Acqua Plumbing arrived to help Ashlei with her broken main line. Acqua Plumbing helped to coordinate the removal of both the broken sewer/main line and the carpet and walls. Washington Water Damage one of affiliates whom are a great water damage company to use help Ashlei while Acqua Plumbing took care of her broken lines. Ashlei's main line was broken right at the connection at the outlet of the home. Acqua Plumbing installed a clean-out in place of the broken pipe for easier service her main line in the future of another problem. After this Fred video scoped her sewer line an additional time at no extra cost to Ashlei and we found another separated pipe down the line. Here after we scheduled some time payments, and financing paper work together and helped completed her sewer line repair. Acqua Plumbing used our Trenchless Pipe lining system to re-line her separated sewer line with a brand new sewer with a little cost to her. This new system along with the clean-out Acqua Plumbing installed has a LIFETIME WARRANTY along with a certificate for Ashlei, that she can transfer to another person if she ever decides to sell her home. Acqua Plumbing will always meet its customers Satisfaction Guarantee  Plumbing and Sewer Repairs can be costly that's why Acqua Plumbing & Sewer is here to help with Financing options, Project options, and even payment options. Please get in-touch with us an comment back, you may even receive a FREE SERVICE FEE.

Thank you for your continual support for Acqua Plumbing.